High luxury – jet set go

Invision Airlines, India’s first ‘entry-level business jet service’, promises to connect 200 cities

Think you can convince your company accountants it makes sense to pay two to five times the normal business-class fare to make sure its executives are never denied a last-minute seat on the flight of their choice and can return to work on their own schedules rather than an airport’s? If you’re that good a salesperson, Invision Airlines (www.invisionair.co.in) has just the pitch for you. India’s first ‘entry-level business jet service’ promises to connect 200 cities without the hassles of baggage claims, security checks, long queues and undue delays. And, of course, these light planes also ensure you needn’t rub shoulders with the hoi polloi, and can keep working on that presentation in peace and (relative) privacy. There are plans afoot to begin a carbon offset programme this year, which might yet make Invision India’s first carbon-neutral operator in the air.