Invision Air launches business aviation operations in India

Mumbai, Maharashtra, February 25, 2012 /India PRwire/

2012-02-25--Invision Air launches business aviation operations in India_Page_1India’s high growth story in recent years has created a market segment with increasing disposable incomes and a need to travel more efficiently within India. However, scheduled airlines are increasingly focusing on low cost business models to survive in the current environment. Lower numbers of business class seats are now available and the needs of this high-end market segment are not being addressed. To capture this opportunity, Mr. Vinit Phatak and Mr. Jayant Nadkarni formally launched Invision Air, India’s first entry level business jet service using a fleet of light jets from Embraer.

By presenting a service which costs only between 2 to 4 times last minute business class fares, Invision Air provides all the advantages of business aviation – privacy, flexibility, efficiency, luxury, and finally creating time for its users. In the next weeks Invision Air will be presenting its uniquely structured products to the Indian market – (i) Spot Charters, (ii) Jet Card Memberships, and (iii) Aircraft Owner Member Programs. Its fleet is being built around Embraer’s Phenom 100 (4 passenger) and Phenom 300 (8 passenger) light business jets. Speaking at the launch, Mr. Vinit Phatak, Founder and Managing Director said “We feel this is the right time to launch our service as our target market has no real pan-India operator with a fleet of business jets. Our plan of six bases in India with two aircraft in each base will create many cost and logistical advantages which we shall pass on to our customers.” Mr. Jayant Nadkarni, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, added that “Our new generation jets have extremely fuel efficient engines and an ease of maintainability that allows for low cost of operations and a long product lifecycle. Their advanced avionics and safety equipment facilitates increased pilot awareness providing a high level of safety for our passengers.”

With Invision Air, entrepreneurs, business executives, and other discerning travelers will now be freed from the strict schedules of commercial airlines and be able to fly at their own convenience, in complete privacy and arrive refreshed, rested, and prepared. Setting new standards for business travel, Invision Air lets you experience ‘The Fine Art of Business Travel.

Notes to Editor

Managing Director of Invision Group

Vinit Phatak is the founder of the Invision Group of companies, which is active in the telecom, marine safety and aviation industries in India. After graduating from Pennsylvania in 1992 he worked with a start-up in Los Angeles for a year, but soon discovered that more entrepreneurial opportunities existed in India after the country’s economic liberalization in 1991.

He moved back in 1993 and started his first significant business venture in the mobile telecom sector. In 2003 this company was taken over by the world’s largest manufacturer of antennas and renamed Kathrein India Pvt. Ltd. While continuing to manage and own 49% of Kathrein India, Vinit diversified into marine and aviation safety with the takeover of Meridian Inflatables Pvt. Ltd., a 30 year old manufacturer of safety equipment. He also invested in and supported other entrepreneurs in various start-ups including Sula Vineyards and The Blue Frog. In 2011 he started his latest venture, Invision Air, a private jet service with a fleet of brand new light jets. This service provides much-needed connectivity between metros and tier II and tier III towns in India for the growing numbers of high net worth individuals, as well as promoters and top executives in medium and large Indian enterprises.

Vinit was born in Bombay but did part of his early schooling in Canada. He attended King George, The Bombay Scottish School and the Cathedral & John Connon School while in Bombay and graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania.

About Invision Air:

Invision Air is part of the Invision Group, a 17 year-old business house active in the Telecom (Kathrein India Pvt. Ltd.- and Marine & Aviation Safety (Meridian Inflatables Pvt. Ltd.- industries in India. It was founded by Mr. Vinit Phatak (Chairman, Invision Group) and Mr. Jayant Nadkarni (Director, Invision Group) in 2008 and has been operating since March 2011, when it received its Air Operators Permit. It is the first charter service in India building its core operations with a single aircraft type in its fleet. It is among the first to introduce a Branded Charter Service with structured products in India. Invision Air currently uses the Phenom family of aircraft from Embraer. There are currently two Phenom 100s operational in its fleet and four more on order. There are also six of the larger Phenom 300s on order, the first of which is planned for delivery in mid-2012. Invision Air will be inducting its balance aircraft at the rate of one aircraft every few months. For more information please visit, email, or call 1-800-266-JETS (1-800-266-5387).