Invision Air Offers Year Round Access to Private Jets at the Price of a Mercedes

The Indian economy has achieved growth rate which is second only to China. The resultant growth of wealth in the country has produced many millionaires and even billionaires who have developed a taste for luxury. The elite, anywhere in the world are frequent flyers and they are no different in India. Owning a jet of your own is an ideal situation but the investment and the regular maintenance becomes cumbersome and seems to be a waste. Invision Air, a private jet charter company based out of India is offering an easier alternative. It has recently launched its own Jet Card membership program that will allow frequent flyers to practically own their own private jet without the maintenance costs.

Vinit Phatak the founder of Invision Air explained that the Jet Card provides all the primary benefits of owning a jet without the high investment and headaches. And India being a price sensitive market at all levels the jet card programs are structured at price points that match favorably to prices of 3-series BMW/C-Class Mercedes, 5 series BMW/E-Class Mercedes, and a 7-series BMW/S-Class Mercedes. If you are buying one of these cars then you can comfortably afford to fly in a private jet. The Jet Card members can use the services of the Invision aircraft like it’s their own and also avail of service like aprivate airport.

The program is suitable for even those who already own an aircraft of their own. It gives you access to a luxury airline that guarantees both high quality and reliability. The programs offered by the jet charter company are in terms of hours. The entry level program is for 25 hours per year. It normally translates into six or eight trips. There is a three tier program on offer. The 25 hour program is called Silver, the 50 hour program is Gold and the Platinum allows you to fly in a private jet for 100 hours during a year. Jet Card members will be accommodated for last minute flights and will also be able to avail better prices. They will get preferred service in case of aircraft interchange even to non Invision aircraft.