Invision Air Jet card membership program makes private jet charter affordable

May 12, 2012

To meet the different flying needs of the privileged private jet travelers, India’s jet charter operator with a large fleet of brand new light jets, Invision Air, now presents the business aviation on a solid platform of safety and professionalism, freeing you from the schedules of commercial airlines with a feasibility to fly direct to 200 destinations across the country. Also, for the business executives, entrepreneurs and discerning frequent travelers with a taste of best in-flight luxuries and privacy, the company has launched its very own Jet Card membership program that enables them to practically own their private jet without having to pay for the aircraft’s maintenance cost. However, we have earlier seen that the world’s noted aviation companies offer their jets cards with different sorts of luring benefits, like Bombardiers Skyjet card makes luxury vacations simple, the Sentient Jet Membership Plus Program offers custom tailored facilities to the discerning aviation needs and the Flexjet 85 fractional ownership program.

Invision Air Jet Card Membership programs

As said by Invision Air’s founder Vinit Phatak, “Using a Jet Card provides all the primary benefits of owning a jet without the high investment and headaches.” Importantly, the company has structured the program at a price similar to a 3-series BMW or Mercedes C-Class and a BMW 7-series or Mercedes S-Class; making the travel in a private jet more affordable.

Especially designed for frequent private jet user with a entry level of 25 hours a year and up to 100 hours a year, that comes approximately 6 t0 30 trips a year; the Jet Card Membership Program also introduces the clients to private flying who would like to benefit from the flexibility and price advantages of being a regular user. Additionally, the new program will appeal to those who already own a single aircraft, and who might need additional lift while their aircraft is down. Also, the Jet Card membership is excellent for the travel agents or charter brokers who have the ability to commit to the required number of hours and make advance payments for the memberships.

Further, some of the notable benefits of the Jet Card membership includes last minute booking, better pricing, priority of access based on membership levels, lower positioning costs, sharing of flight among members, access to non-Invision aircraft if required, no congestion charge in case of overflying due to traffic and complete transferability.

Invision Air currently uses the Embraer’s Phenom family of aircrafts; the company has 2 Phenom 100s operational in its fleet of air-crafts and 4 more are on order, along with 6 of the larger Phenom 300s on order.