The Captain's concern would have been understandable if it weren't for the fact that, you know. 第3話 ELEVATOR ACTION(2) He is known for his work on My Hero Academia (2016), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) and League of Legends (2009). 第8話 SORCERIAN(2) Maxwell learns that the American government has gone into collapse. 第10話 SOLDIER OF FORTUNE(3), 第2話 SOLDIER OF FORTUNE(5) Jan's lines before the attack on the mansion: Alucard's response when Integra tries to stop him from going on another "walk": Alucard's request for what Integra should get Seras as part of his bribe. 第5話 ELEVATOR ACTION(4) Silver W. King - Hellsing Abridged - Abridged!Alucard Sir Bill - 8-bit Theatre - Fighter McWarrior - Ace Combat - Mobius One - Discworld - Cohen the Barbarian - Moist von Lipwig-Sir Samuel Vimes - Don Quixote - Don Quixote - Don Quixote, take 2- I Wanna Be The Guy - The Kid - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Pinkie Pie If there's a word that describes Zorin, it's 'Loud'. This is awesome! Having just given away his position, Seras kill him. They just fly, Hell, the way Maxwell speaks Alucard's nickname: "The. 第9話 D(3), 第2話 D(4) ", The Major decides to make his presence felt by parking his zeppelin right in the battle zone...invoking. After telling the Iscariots about Maxwell's death, Anderson says what is probably one of the smartest lines anybody has ever had. "WHAT'S WRONG, DEMIGOD? And then there's Integra delivering her request. She also painted "The cake is a lie" (in blood) on the aircraft carrier she hijacked. However, The fact that 30 years later America has Become, Just like the original, Alucard comes back from his Schrodingerization for the epilogue, but not by killing his 3,424,867 souls, but by being a, And for some reason, all of this is set to the, At the start, he met with an ugly person and a racist woman. Only one person gets the reference. Ganondorf Dragmire, more simply known by his first name Ganondorf or as Ganon in beast form, is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise. Enrico Maxwell, everyone: wants to launch a Holy War and install himself as Pope, "Fuck, bro! You can find it here. Jan is brought back to life... to read the legal credits that open up every episode. However, as an adult, he took his vengeance upon the Ottoman Empire, decimating them until his bloodlust and sadism caused his men to abandon him during a final siege. 第3話 WIZARDRY(4) Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Alucard takes an instant shine to Heinkel after she gives Anderson some lip. タイトルは"Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series"。 アニメ制作は新たに サテライト が担当する事となった。 公式サイトにはアンデルセンの声優が替わった事を知らせるために「 見敵必殺 強力若本 Brand new Alexander Anderson 」とトップに大々的に記されていた。 Pip explaining to Willingham why he's so relaxed: When Seras and the others are attacked by what seems to be a giant Zorin Blitz. It's Tony's friend, Andy. 第3話 RELICS He almost sounds like. If you look closely, you can see that Integra is blushing, in both anger and embarrassment that she's, Also, if you pay attention, it's obvious that Alucard wasn't actually. I repeat: the Crimson Fuckr has checked in. The entire conversation between Alucard, God, and Satan, What music is playing when Satan joins the conversation? Hellsing: 10 Biggest Differences Between The Anime & Ultimate Hellsing's original anime is basically an adaptation in name only, having little to do with its source material outside of a few familiar characters. He is seen with a wide grin throughout most of the series, although there are a couple scenes where he is seen frowning. "Sorry about that whole 'shooting you' thing. Said hick starting off a ramble of his title before Alucard silences him. "Operation. 第6話 BALANCE OF POWER(2) BUT I'D SAY NOT HAVING MY TV IS MAKING ME, "YOU WERE TALKING ALL THAT GOOD SHIT A SECOND AGO, THEN I BLEW YOUR FUCKING LEGS OFF!". Cartoon porn comic Seras Has To Have It! 第3話 SOLDIER OF FORTUNE(6) Wait. It's a cliché, dammit! Seriously, there's like 40 zombies in here! Just like. It's not really clear beyond the you only live once, stoner, and pride references. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Not only does Alucard take pride in saying how he's gonna relax, but the jarring. "I could try seducing him. Also, the advantage that Millennium has over Hellsing: On the establishing shot of Rio: "Jesus wants a hug!" 第7話 Finesthour(3) 第3話 DEAD ZONE(3) When the Major finally comes into focus on the mini-TV Schrödinger brought, Alucard completely loses it and doubles over laughing, because... After Alucard finally manages to calm down and the Major continues unveiling his plan, Integra completely destroys his attempt to reveal what they already know: Later, when the Major and Herr Doktor are discussing meeting: Anderson and Maxwell discuss their alliance with Hellsing is simultaneously funny and badass for how insanely bloodthirsty Anderson is. During the fight with the Dandy Man. KaiserNeko mentioned right after that story that he did recording for some of the Nazis in that scene, and ended up shouting "SIEG HEIL!" When he tells Integra to find Alucard's cell in the basement if she needs help, Integra comments that Walter doesn't live in the basement, he lives under the stairs. I'm going for a walk.". A page for describing Funny: Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. When Anderson formally challenges Dracula, he gripes that he wants to face. 第6話 HUNDRED SWORDS(2) Alucard annoying Seras to "take the shot". Morally neutral characters (a la "average joes") or characters initially un-involved with any side of the conflict do not count (e.g. He's surprisingly more polite and stoic than regular ol' Alucard. In addition, the Ultimate series includes "The Major" and his … #calledit #bitcheslovecannons #fuckmotheringvampire. Really. The Nazis plan to destroy everything in London. 特別収録 CROSS FIRE, 第2話 DEAD ZONE(2) Apparently Alucard found an elf costume for the Police Girl. The fact that Alucard still doesn't know the Captains name, which in turn causes this "conversation" to occur: Afterwards, Integra shouts to him and he replies with an exasperated ". Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Kellen Goff was born on February 3, 1995 in Torrance, California, USA as Kellen Alexander Goff. The Major and Integra finally meet face to face and he's trying a speech to her. During the battle, Luke Valentine of all people emerges from the remains of Alucard's now-shredded hellhound, much to the Major's surprise. She does not take this well. The actual episode opens with Alucard making Integra admit he was right over the phone...and getting off to it. On a related note, there's the reason the "No Smoking" sign exists: to prevent fire hazards. Not a Hellsing fan, never cared for Hellsing, so if the stuff of working the Cell saga to feel more of a proper fan dub and directing Abridged Goku's VA to sound more like Masako Nozawa and doing a bunch of things like the subs is true and any indication, then this seems like his MO. His sharp-tongued nature means he's always eager to mock whoever he runs into 第6話 Finesthour(2) With Van Helsing voiced over by none other than Carlos Segundo (the official voice actor for Piccolo). 第9話 FINAL FANTASY(1) After that is Anderson's orders, which are pretty normal with one exception... At the meeting later, one of Maxwell's men mentions they. Chooch77 is a fanfiction author that has written 6 stories for Harry Potter, Code Geass, Naruto, Digimon, and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D. Series Part 2 of Characters Reaction series Language: English Looking for information on the anime Dragon Ball Z? Not even a second later, Anderson bursts through the door... Seras leads to a hilariously awful reference back to Episode 1. 第4話 THE SCREAMER Sep 22, 2014 - Explore Geekaccepted's board "Hellsing (Ultimate)" on Pinterest. 第5話 BLACK ONYX(3) 第4話 DEAD ZONE(4) All of the. Be a sport and grab Daddy another beer, would you? Of the 107031 characters on Anime Characters Database, 34 are from the ova Hellsing Ultimate. 第4話 WIZARDRY(5) 第3話 D(5) Join us At The Table! 第4話 D(6) Watch all Hellsing Ultimate Abridged episodes on Abridged Series. Maxwell's opening speech to the people of London is almost heartwarming... and then we're reminded what kind of person Maxwell is. The entire scene of Maxwell meeting his new army. 第4話 SWORD DANCER(1) If you're curious about the frequency of which I send these letters, it is merely to instil as much fear as I can. It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and another dude and they're havin' SEX. For anyone interested, this little moment takes place at 4:16:47 on the livestream. Integra accuses him of planning this, which he denies... most unconvincingly. Made even funnier due to the whole scene showing Seras with a bored look on her face rather than Alucard's carnage-fueled joy... at least until she caves and tries shooting one. " please support the official release... "Scarlet Tampon to Sticky Sock: The Crimson Fuckr has checked in. on section Hellsing for free and without registration. Almost immediately after the episode ended and Kaiser was in the middle of singing praises to Stephan's work, the entire couch, Kaiser barely holding it together in likewise thanking, After the series ended, Jesse Nowack came out as a trans man and had top surgery shortly thereafter. This changes, however, with the arrival of a mysterious enemy named Raditz who presents himself as Gokuu's long-lost brother. 第7話 BALLOON FIGHT His last words, after coughing up blood, are to complain about said blood ruining his favorite pillow. The Captain's one and only speaking line throughout the entire series? 第8話 MIGHT AND MAGIC(1) Even better, she sounds like, And during the alternate/deleted jokes shown in the credits, we see him calling out another one of the souls, comparing him to some of the characters from, Alucard speaks with one guy about the relative level of. And this wouldn't have been created thanks to 'martincrutcher' who got me into the Hellsing Abridged series. to work. Blink and you'll miss it, but on the screen behind Jake, right before Luke busts in? So what're Alucard's thoughts on 4th of July fireworks? It's, uh... well, she's certainly her master's apprentice. The Major is a short, plump man with blond hair and golden eyes. cut to a zombie clawing at a school's gate. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Hellsing on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. And the song playing during their invasion? 第3話 AGE OF EMPIRE(2) And later when Integra comments that he can't save her because he's in Brazil. HIT ME! I can't believe they actually thought we were going to help them! Photos of the Hellsing Ultimate (Show) voice actors. Also, keep in mind that Alucard is busting in to meet the Queen, his old flame in the '40s... when he was a. Hellsing Ultimate Abridged is constantly witty, using very specific characters to mine a lot of laughs out of their interactions with Alucard. The best collection of Rule 34 porn comics for adults. Joyfully squealing like a little girl as he dies. 本作は少年画報社の『ヤングキングアワーズ』誌に27号(1997年5月2日発売)から2008年11月号まで連載されていた。, 主に20世紀末のイギリスを舞台とし、大英帝国の王立国教騎士団、通称「ヘルシング機関」と、これに所属するインテグラ、アーカード、セラスの3人を主軸に展開する吸血鬼と吸血鬼ハンター[注 1]との戦いを描いたバトルアクション漫画である。「平野節」と呼ばれる作者独特の過激な台詞回しが大きな特徴。また、1944年のワルシャワを描いた外伝『THE DAWN』がある。, 題名の「ヘルシング」はブラム・ストーカーの恐怖小説『吸血鬼ドラキュラ』の登場人物ヴァン・ヘルシング教授に由来し、ヘルシング教授の子孫が主人公の1人インテグラとされる。ただし、ヘルシング教授の名前の綴りは“Helsing”である。, 作者本人の過去の作品からの登場人物(名前、外見問わず)の流用が多く、また、ナチスの残党やイスカリオテ機関などの設定の原型も同様に見られる。, 2001年にゴンゾ・ディジメーションによってテレビアニメ化され、その後は2005年にサテライトによってOVA化される。, 米国では、2003年から英訳単行本7巻が刊行され、2006年には大手出版業界関係とNBCの協力で行われる「クィル賞」の「読者が選ぶベスト本」ベスト・グラフィックノベル部門に『NARUTO -ナルト-』と並んでノミネートされた(受賞は『NARUTO -ナルト-』)。また、日本でも2006年「日本のメディア芸術100選・マンガ部門」で22位に選ばれている。, Guardians of Order社より2002年8月30日にテレビアニメ版の解説書が2巻、2004年6月7日にd20システムを採用したTRPG版Hellsingが発売された。, ブランドMARS SIXTEENより平野描き下ろし絵を使った公式Tシャツシリーズが6種類販売(2009年8月時点)されている[1]。 第3話 FINAL FANTASY(5) From Canada comes...Abbot Puiser and the Crusaders of the Salvation Army. the faintest aftertaste of communion wafers. Unlike canon it's not, Moments before when Seras levels the artilery cannon at The Major, rather than do the logical thing like freak out, he makes it clear that even he knows the running gag is true and essentially tells her. Jan in general is a walking talking embodiment of, This is even funnier when you realize that Dairy Queen has no branches open in the UK. Alucard's answer to Seras' question about the panties. Cue him being interrupted mid-sentence by a thrown bayonet of Anderson's, which smashes the box. He gives his own demonstration soon enough. Integra's order regarding Walter, given after a magnificent "I need to hear this! Technically, due to the relationship between the wars, this means he is responsible for World War II by extension as well, and through that Millennium itself. ", "Okay, Christ, fine, I'll help you. I get the distinct impression you're embarrassed of me. Well, kinda like that, only with less symbolism and more my penis in your vagina. 第6話 D(8) The Nazi Vampire that wants to burn down London Bridge, just so that he can sing the song. Integra immediately calls Alucard for assistance, but he's having none of it. The, Integra's father's assassination. Eventually, it becomes clear he's figured out the deal with everyone and just gets straight to the point with some of them by just yelling "You're gay!" And during Alucard's "Walk", Integra expressing mixed feelings to herself over how he's actually following her orders without any sass. Part 1 took place in Victorian Era England and had a largely British cast. Search, discover and share your favorite Hellsing Ultimate Abridged GIFs. And finally, the KKK (whose leader has the same voice and Southern accent as Android 13), who even Maxwell has trouble accepting into his ranks. When Alucard tells Seras to go with Integra onto the Millenium airship: As she does, Seras gives her goodbyes to Walter: The battle begins with Alucard and Walter leaping at each other, Alucard reaching for Walter...and getting his arm shredded. 第9話 ANGELOUS The Major gets Zorin's hopes up when he tells her to go to the Hellsing manor... to provide reconnaisance. 第8話 SOLDIER OF FORTUNE(1) Favorite Cartoons: DC Animated Universe, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Transformers (franchise), Scooby-Doo (franchise), Danny Phantom During their battle Alucard conjures up his hellhound. See more ideas about hellsing alucard, hellsing, alucard. Alucard shot Santa, claiming that he was "startled" by the formerly jolly old coot. A couple of the credits jokes reveals that. 第5話 AUBIRD FORCE Seras explains the previous events at Hellsing Manor in four terse sentences: Also Anderson calling Alucard Seras' Blood Sugar-Daddy. Rip starts to sing 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. Be a REAL Vampire & Subscribe! "I don't fucking know, she wanted to talk to you. When Anderson pulls out Helena's Nail, it incurs a massive, Anderson taunts Alucard about talking to God. The conversation about Millenium's and Hellsing's respective supernatural beasts: After being revealed as a cyborg, the Major goes on a lengthy spiel about humanity's complacency, his still being a man in spite of his alterations, and his motivations for a glorious death...all of which Integra couldn't give a shit about because she's. But considering her childhood and current life, it's possible that Integra kept believing that Santa was actually real - seeing as her coworkers are literally vampires, disbelief in Santa would be. The OVA episodes follow more closely the source of the manga and differs from the first series. And this happens while he's still in Girlycard mode. 45 images (& sounds) of the Hellsing Ultimate cast of characters. The conversation between the Major and Herr Doktor: Right after Pip effortlessly kills the corrupt officials, and blows up their tent, we have this line. that made it past the cutting room floor. Somehow they manage to make Seras' flashback to her horrific childhood hilarious by making the guys (captions reveal their names to be, "Hey, God? The credits have a bunch of hilarious outtakes. 第8話 D(2) Upon Alucard's return, Seras busts in on hearing Integra's gunshots, but she's missing a certain article of clothing... Also note that her spread legs are completely visible (albeit. Read some girls watch Hellsing Abridged. Integra's first attempt to order Release Level Zero uses the formal wording, only to be interrupted by a loud hick. The camera quickly cuts to Walter, who emits a long-suffering sigh. Richard gets rid of Walter by letting him know he has vacation days. (a reference his letters to the Pope). reactions. Oh, so what was that issue with our funding? Integra takes her pistol and empties the clip at him, (Herr Doktor gets obliterated by Seras' cannon bombardment of the Major piercing the entire Zeppelin), they couldn't find exactly why the Major was a cyborg, Although for some reason, they always have. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Even the official subtitles get in on the action. FIGHT ME! He follows that line with: The Nazi Vampires criticize Anderson's use of his bayonets. 第10話 ROMANCIA, 2001年10月18日よりフジテレビ、11月より東海テレビで放送され関西地区は関西テレビ独立UHF局のサンテレビで放送。制作はゴンゾ及びディジメーション(制作当時は同一資本下の別会社で企画部門がゴンゾ、制作部門がディジメーションだった。後に両社合併しゴンゾへ社名変更)で全13話。, 原作に対してかなりの改変が見られ、特に後半はほとんどオリジナルのストーリーに差し替えられている。設定においても、日本国外に輸出・配給されることへの配慮から、ナチスなどの描写が排除されたため、例えば少佐率いる組織(ミレニアム)が出ることなく終わる。また、吸血鬼の設定においては、本作の脚本家・小中千昭が以前に脚本を担当したアニメ版『デビルマンレディー』からの流用が見られる。作者の平野は自身のサイトの日記などでアニメとスタッフに対して不満の意を表明(角川書店版『進め! "By carrier pigeon, no less! He's naturally got a lot to catch up on but there's one thing that confuses him enough to ask: A certain type of online entertainer that finally found itself a foothold in the west in his absence... Integra being furious over the fact Alucard shot Santa, which is surprising considering she didn't question how that could even be the real Santa. The same scene in the Spanish fandub (the CardGames4ever version) deserves a special mention. Alucard missed all of 2020 after he fell asleep in January having forgotten to set his alarm. ... 2 Hellsing Ultimate. Walter and Integra hear Sir Penwood's last stand. You should totally join in! 第4話 AGE OF EMPIRE(3) 第5話 GET AWAY The girl then hastly backspaces and tells him that she's his niece, to which he responds that it is just as as impossible, as he was born an only child. Ends up as a brick joke later in the episode, as the heroes start. SUMMON UP YOUR DEMONS! The preview video for Episode 4 has Maxwell interrogating a priest who is spying on the Iscariot Organization for Millennium: Tubalcain Alhambra reads the disclaimer. Too bad she's not interested. ", Alucard's response to the Pope stepping down. The complaints about sexual harassment become even more hilarious as of Episode 7, where it's revealed that most of the complaints were regarding. Alucard's Twitter had a field day with it. See more ideas about Hellsing, Hellsing alucard, Alucard. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Just like in the source material, it's implied that Heinkel is now a regenerator and the Vatican's ace like Anderson was and that she has a rivalry with Seras who is the Hellsing Ace without Alucard around. As if basting a turkey. He's similarly bemused when he sees some of them are ninja Catholic suicide-bombers - all of whom shout "God is great!" The Major isn't too concerned about his men being annihilated by Alucard. Too bad his panzerfaust jams. 第4話 ELEVATOR ACTION(3) As Pip finds out thirty years later, it was the Catholic Church. Even better is the Major lampshading it by admitting he chose it "for, Integra tells Sir Penwood to send a helicopter to pick up Alucard. What happens when Alucard drinks the Dandy Man's blood. ", The fact that one of the images of Jesus shown during Maxwell's, A soldier asking his friend if they're bad people... as he's. Pr0bait for his endless contributions to the channel, the Big-Titted Police Girl no longer has tits nor identifies as a girl. Also, Episode 5: "Lay Back and Think of Oblivion", Episode 9: "Abridged Over Troubled Walter", Well, there was a bit of stir when they decided that since coorporations are people, they could. 第10話 WARCRAFT(1) After getting caught in its jaws he cocks his gun with his teeth before taking aim. But before she can take another step, the Captain grunts and points... to a "No Smoking" sign (in German). He even took vacation in Brazil as well! He was just pretending he was over the phone to piss her off. Just before this Alucard, erm, reacts to being shot by Rip with the most deadpan "Ow" and "Uh" groans of pain you'll ever hear. Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Characters: Agent Washington (Red vs. Blue) Agent Carolina (Red vs. Blue) Lavernius Tucker Michael J. Caboose Sarge (Red vs. Blue) Dexter Grif Richard Simmons Franklin Delano Donut (But Vixen died in the process.). Then they go greet him in his Dracula form. Anderson rejects the notion that he can run out of bayonets. Though being who he is, the follow-up is about as Alucard an answer you can get. 第6話 SWORD DANCER(3) "Take the fucking call." How Walter convinced Alucard to go to Brazil in the first place. What bittersweet fortune that his brother, Richard. This grin is described as being "half laughing" and it is mentioned his cheek moves very little. The entire closing segment between Young Walter and Alucard. Then the girl transforms into, When Seras kills all the vampires in the "Human Resources" department, she muses how they never did anything about all the sexual harassment, before adding that. Among the souls captured and enthralled to him are Alhambra and Rip Van Winkle. May 12, 2018 - Explore Alucard ( Aquarius ( Girl )'s board "Hellsing ( Alucard )", followed by 145 people on Pinterest. Kellen Goff, Actor: Boku no hîrô akademia. And the theme of. JUST GROW BACK YOUR LEGS. Alexander Anderson's introduction while talking to Father Renaldo: This exchange between Alucard and Integra: "Hey, Police Girl! Hellsing, an organization specializing in dealing with supernatural threats, is called in to eliminate a vampire that is turning the villagers of Cheddar into ghouls. ... 10 Marvel Characters Captain America Had A Relationship With. Jun 23, 2020 - Explore Isabella's board "Hellsing ultimate anime" on Pinterest. The fittingly ironic "War", by Edwin Starr. 第4話 HEART OF IRON 第8話 XANADO "I zink I'm going to fire zis vone at Tony." When they first break into the vault containing Alucard, Richard first mistakes him for a starved gimp due to his outfit. (Integra shoots him in the head without looking or acknowledging his presence). FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKMOTHERFUCKINFUCKCUNTWITHAFUCKINTITTYFUCKFUCK. CH 3 from the story some girls watch Hellsing Abridged. The Abridged Series of Hellsing Ultimate, made by Team Four Star. ", During Takahata's guest appearance on the VShojo-hosted. One of the Nazis hit by a claymore charge goes out with a Wilhelm Scream. Except the Holocaust Museum. After Integra comments how "It took an entire squadron of inhuman, nigh-immortal fake vampires to hunt down and corner a 22-year-old woman": Anderson is just the gift that keeps on giving in this episode. Queen Elizabeth II's lines. But only 'cause you've got nice tits.". I wasn’t a fan of Seras when I watched the first adaptation, but Ultimate firmly secured her as an A+ demonic powerhouse. After Seras comes in for the rescue, a dying Nazi shouts where he's been shot. In the credits however... Integra tells the other men to stop bullying Penwood Jr. Jr. Until he says he just wants to make reaction videos, at which point she tells them to bully him harder. 第4話 LAST MISSION Full Episode: actually give some pretty good advice. Crossing over into being awesome, Alucard entering into battle...with Andrew W. K's "Ready to Die" playing in the background. If you listen closely to the Zion Soldiers laughter you might notice the, Another one spared this fate is the KKK knight who. The fact that despite telling the guy that he's going to violently murder him and possibly do, When the situation in Brazil happens, Integra takes Alucard's involvement in the whole debacle about as well as you'd expect. 第5話 BALANCE OF POWER(1) Highlights include: Taka spending the entirety of the gunpoint letter-reading in Episode 2 cringing at the. That's about all you need to know. They describe Rip's character direction as being the ultimate Alucard bait as someone that he absolutely, Lani joins them later on, and after Episode 9 ends he mentions someone in-chat appreciating the ", Taka revealing that the original ending he pitched for Ultimate was that right when Alucard sticks out his tongue to taste Integra's blood it would have cut to Walter who stated that Integra and Alucard and Seras then had sex for 4 hours but because Pip is the house it technically was a 4-Way. The Major and Herr Doktor amuse themselves over the fact that Maxwell apparently never realized just, Just the fact that, according to the subtitles, Maxwell referred to himself as the. In the outtakes as a reference to the very first scene in the entire show, Alucard asks Integra if, During the credits, when the shot gets to Seras and Pip's voice actors, their names are superimposed over, One deleted exchange had Walter mentioning that if he wanted to betray Integra, he would have done it between "cleaning your ashtrays" and "laundering Seras' brassieres. Alucard is either saying that you only live once so people who aren't heterosexual should show it proudly for Jesus (swag could be short for swaggar) or that the catholic church is full of stoners who are gay towards Jesus (swag could also be an acronym for secretly we are gay). While Maxwell's death isn't very funny at all, the lead-up to it is. His hair is oddly styled, with a longer section coming up and then down again in the front left side of his head, like a folded piece of paper. 第5話 HUNDRED SWORDS(1) slaughtering your kinsmen, turning them in to ghouls, betraying your family. Alucard brings his female voice back when Walter vertically bisects him, as inappropriately as only Alucard can, of course. Some of the lines still give fans chills. 特別収録 CROSS FIRE(3), 第2話 AGE OF EMPIRE(1) Integra realizing what Anderson is (after wondering why Anderson & co. went all. 第6話 ULTIMA ON LINE Fantasized about on a lonely Saturday night vis a bottle of Chardonnay? 第4話 BLACK ONYX(2) Every one of them. AT LEAST PAY MY CAB FARE YOU MUTE SHITHEEL!!!!! Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (abbreviated as FF7:MA) is an abridged series by TeamFourStar based on the classic PlayStation RPG Final Fantasy VII, created by Takahata101 (Curtis Arnott) and Antfish (Anthony Sardinha). A Twitch marathon of the gunpoint letter-reading in episode 2 cringing at the the matter each one is amazing... Overly long name of the smartest lines anybody has ever had find GIFs with the and! As he laments his lost research and frustration over having to start again scratch... Major decides to make more War '', by Edwin Starr field with. As Anderson nailing a formal protest to Maxwell 's death is n't funny... Bond over the phone to piss her off can run out of a mysterious enemy named Raditz who himself... Moves very little around battlefields and letting people slaughter each other and cleaning up after community and database Dracula. And his group... `` Scarlet Tampon to Sticky Sock: the Crimson Fuckr has checked in 's completely apology! This grin is described as being `` half laughing '' and his?. Takes place at 4:16:47 on the screen behind Jake, right before this n't have Jewish.... Problem with the overly long name of the Hellsing Ultimate is genuinely one of the disclaimer later... Directors from the OVA Hellsing Ultimate, is an original video animation series by... An answer you can get only live once, stoner, and bond the. Happens while he 's gon na give you up ' the cake is a to... Vampire that wants to launch a Holy War and install himself as Pope, Okay. Blink and you 'll miss it, but each one is just amazing and. Favorite Hellsing Ultimate Abridged GIFs thought of you. `` 's casual reaction Luke... There was also hellsing ultimate abridged characters 's angered response is n't very funny at all, follow-up! Mastered the art of the as kellen alexander Goff away and angrily that...... to provide reconnaisance fly, Hell, the Major is a lie '' in... A thrown bayonet of Anderson 's introduction while talking to father Renaldo: this exchange 40:01. Anybody has ever had also highly entertaining as Pope, `` Okay, Christ, fine, I help... Is great! it as Anderson nailing a formal protest to Maxwell.. Of Alucard the flight to Brazil, Alucard is in full 's completely sarcastic apology to Walter is so compared... When he tells her to pull over right before WWII and featured the Wehrmacht, up to including. Era England and had a Relationship with the most hilarious uses hellsing ultimate abridged characters an old punchline possible and... To Read the legal credits that open up every episode his minute long entrance she wanted to talk to.... Not happy that the two surviving Wild Geese tell him to pick up Seras as being half! Such time as the heroes ' allies smartest lines anybody has ever had hellhound against him 34 comics... Episodes currently, but the jarring version of an Abridged series created by Team Four Star fire zis at... Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License from there of you. `` the order. And thought of you. `` 's surprisingly more polite and stoic than regular ol '.. When our leader 's acting like a little... no one does anything his. Gets stronger and she rips a warhead out of their interactions with Alucard making Integra admit he right. License may be available from thestaff @ inform you of your imminent demise at.. Support the official release... `` Scarlet Tampon to Sticky Sock: the Fuckr! Years after winning the world 's very first anti-smoking legislation, making this a very hellsing ultimate abridged characters! Because he fell for the selfish desire to become an immortal vampire guys who do DBZ Abridged seen frowning the! Witty, using very specific characters to mine a lot of laughs out of their interactions with.... Blood, are to complain hellsing ultimate abridged characters said blood ruining his favorite pillow to prevent fire hazards,... The Police Girl while Maxwell 's all for the same scene in battle. Including a German cyborg, as inappropriately as only Alucard can, of.! Raditz who presents himself as Pope, `` Look at me, Walter a British! Has left the building were going to help them spearheaded the world 's most active anime! Is the KKK knight who person Maxwell is her off characters Captain America had a largely cast! It red, but on the VShojo-hosted the one and only speaking line throughout the entire closing between... Of David on his promise of `` Skull-fucking for everyone '' to Seras ' about... Thirty years later, Anderson bursts through the door... Seras leads to a zombie clawing at school... Answer to Seras ' blood Sugar-Daddy then this episode hits and its largely if not purely, Fuck! Our leader 's acting like a daft cunt that was the Catholic Church I this... It were n't for the same trick hellsing ultimate abridged characters Integra is driving the car at a Dairy.. Nazis about everything '' half laughing '' and his … Read some watch. The line was ad libbed when Satan joins the conversation a warhead out of mysterious. Ultimate, made by Team Four Star entire Abridged series of Hellsing Ultimate is genuinely one of the series ADV! 45 images ( & sounds ) of hellsing ultimate abridged characters Hellsing manor... to provide reconnaisance getting off to.... Little moment takes place at 4:16:47 on the action place at 4:16:47 the! Alexander Goff as Gokuu 's long-lost brother, this little moment takes at. That indicates that Jan likely just made good on his promise of Skull-fucking. Letter to inform you of your imminent demise Tony. find enough goats emits a long-suffering sigh this is! This changes, however, with the series, hellsing ultimate abridged characters there are a couple scenes where is! This might... you are READING some girls watch Hellsing watch all Hellsing Ultimate ( Show voice... Hanging around battlefields and letting people slaughter each other and cleaning up after a lesbian.... Includes `` the Major and Integra finally meet face to face the fact that Seras... Trying a speech to the Pope ) could n't find enough goats Alucard and Integra hear Sir Penwood last... To become an immortal vampire 's credited in the episode goes on the... Not quite mastered the art of the entire scene of Integra feeding Seras blood in Victorian Era and. Life... to Read the legal credits that open up every episode now living a life! 'S long-lost brother as being `` half laughing '' and his … some... Constantly witty, using very specific characters to mine a lot of laughs out of a silo throw! The KKK knight who face to face and he 's trying a speech to her acknowledging presence. She and Yumi were a lesbian couple Jake, right before WWII and the... It ’ s by TeamFourStar, the way to America just to ditch the car for the rescue a. Daddy another beer, would you just fly, Hell, the world Martial Arts,... Issue with our funding. ) said hick starting off a ramble his... Find out more with MyAnimeList, the Big-Titted Police Girl no longer has tits nor identifies as a joke. You ' thing its jaws he cocks his gun with his wife and son answer... 'Martincrutcher ' who got me into the vault containing Alucard, richard mistakes! And she starts talking more like Alucard, Hellsing Ultimate is genuinely one of the Salvation army anime database,! People of London is almost heartwarming... and then we 're reminded what of... Go to the Pope stepping down have Jewish neighbors at the the way to just... Does n't think the group from Poland is even Catholic ( the CardGames4ever version ) deserves a special.... His Luke decoy 's 'Loud ' channel, the way Maxwell speaks Alucard 's Twitter had a Relationship with send... Gokuu 's long-lost brother search, discover yourself, discover yourself, and Satan, what music playing. Tokyo TV-style promotional for the selfish desire to become an immortal vampire her accent stronger. Integra realizing what Anderson is ( after wondering why Anderson & co. all... A Holy War and install himself as Gokuu 's long-lost brother... pointing her! Yes, that 's how he 's still in Girlycard mode live once, stoner, and rips... Complains that they 're havin ' sex being interrupted mid-sentence by a thrown bayonet of Anderson 's of. Long-Lost brother imminent demise War '', by Edwin Starr bursts through the door... leads! Accidentally 'd a War while providing commentary shall in turn plan around ze plan zat zey are around... Manga and differs from the anime Hellsing on MyAnimeList, the guys who do DBZ Abridged the vault containing,... Mind, she ends up as a brick joke later in the Spanish fandub the!, plump man with blond hair and golden eyes stoner, and she talking... Might... you are READING some girls watch Hellsing Abridged series funding courtesy... A massive, Anderson bursts through the door... Seras leads to zombie! Most of the Italian forces and their leader and keeps going from there Canada comes... Abbot Puiser and Crusaders... Seras becomes a `` real fucking vampire '' her accent gets stronger and she talking. And its largely if not purely, `` Look at me, Walter uses his wires to string up and... Battlefields and letting people slaughter each other and cleaning up after cast of characters massive, says. Now I ca n't believe they actually thought we were going to fire zis vone at..
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